Breathing Air Solutions

Our Breathing Air Solutions have been proven in the field to provide high quality breathing air you can trust, every time.

Compressors breathair

Range of 3 or 4 stage compressor block with:
• Long operating life
• Continuous duty
• Extended service intervals and easy
access for maintenance
• Low vibration and noise levels
• Proven technology for safe and reliable operation
• High quality manufacturing with ISO
9001 Quality Management System


Breathe Easy  with Mako Filtrationfiltration

Designed and manufactured by MAKO , the filtration exceeds international standards EN 12021/CGA Grade D&E/NF PA 1989/CSA.

• Filtration manufacturing process
uses no adhesives ensuring there are no odors or taste carried over
• Low cartridge cost per hour
• Filters mounted inside cabinet to
safeguard against accidental damage


Specialty Compressors

watercool econoair hba mbac mobilesolution


Fill Stations


Our enclosed steel chamber fill-stations are proven to protect against and contain the full impact of a catastrophic cylinder, valve or hose failure  NFPA 1901 compliant). In addition, the loading heights are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.
Standard Construction – double walled construction, single-action door latch, gas strut assisted carriage assembly,easy access panels for maintenance, and automatic safety interlock mechanism.


AIR Management SystemsAir Management System


Designed to optimize air storage and filling capacity.

Maximize the output of your breathing air

system to cope with unpredictable or peak
filling requirements.
• Horizontal or vertical storage tanks
• Configurations of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
• UN or ASME storage cylinders