Controls and Accessories

SmartAir MasterSmartAir Master

The SmartAir Master can intelligently control
up to 12 compressors of any combination,
fixed or variable speed, and will reduce energy
consumption by tightening the network pressure
to the smallest possible band,

keeping off load
running to the absolute minimum.
• Profile Programming
• System Demand Control
• Data logging
• Visualisation


Air Relief’s TurboLogixAir Relief’s TurboLogix

The TurboLogix is Air Relief’s latest compressor control product. Standard features include start/stop sequencing, compressor surge control, motor overload protection and typical operational protection.

The TurboLogix offers historical data trending and event logging to aid the user in troubleshooting, machine setup and tuning.

Based on standard Allen-Bradley PLC hardware and a large user friendly color operator interface, makes the TurboLogix the best choice for complete machine control and protection.