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Premium Partner

Rotary screw compressor L Series 30 - 45 kW

  • High Efficiency Air End
  • Belt Free Drive
  • Energy Efficient Motor
  • High Performance Separator
  • Heavy Duty Inlet Filter

The New Generation

Industries across the globe rely on CompAir rotary screw compressors for the supply of high quality compressed air. The CompAir Li series air compressor range incorporates the best of CompAir technology, design and quality. To deliver reliable, economical and efficient performance in a completely new package. The Li series delivers high quality air at volumes at a pressure range between 7 and 10 bar and is available in air cooled versions.

Maximum Durability

We maximise service life and durability by eliminating elastomer and thermoplastic pipe and tube in system pressure lines. Replacing them with corrosion resistant stainless steel tubing and passivated zinc coated carbon steel piping. For ease of maintenance we complete the connection with viton sealed grooved couplings and self sealing high pressure compression fittings.

Designed for Serviceability

Maintenance personnel love the Li series compressor range. Service access is quick and easy with all doors able to be removed in seconds. We’ve also made sure serviceable components including filters are easily accessible and no piping needs to be disconnected to service the separator.