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Premium Partner

Reciprocating Compressors

Designed for heavy industrial applications, the  reciprocating air compressors provide the quality & performance that exceed customer requirements.

  • 100% Cast Iron:  Durable heavy duty construction that lasts
  • V-Block Configuration: Provides even 360 degree cooling around each head, eliminating hot spots leading to longer life.
  • Two-Stage Design: Standard 175 psi durable operation with 250 psi as an option.
  • Finger Valves: Stainless steel construction, simple design for easy maintenance.
  • Finned Copper Intercooler: Ensure cooler operation even in the most demanding applications
  • Overhung Crankshaft: Precision balanced to ensure dependable smooth, low vibration operation.
  • One-Piece Connecting Rod: Fewer wearing parts Splash Lubrication: Simple and reliable 
Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor


Two Stage Reciprocating Compressor
Multi-Stage Reciprocating Compressor

These CompAir Reciprocating Compressors compressors are designed for heavy duty applications in automotive and machine shop outlets, on production lines, in construction and wood working shops, along with dry cleaners, car washes and an array of farming applications.

Benefits & Features
  • Their robust construction offers the following cost saving features:
  • Industrial quality design
  • 100% copper finned intercoolers
  • Automatic start stop pressure switch control
  • Extended pump life for years of trouble free service 
  • “V” Block Design
  • 100% Cast Iron Design for Durability
  • 100% Continuous Duty Operation
  • Longer life and increased durability
  • Longer run time than competitive offerings
  • Fewer parts so less maintenance.