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Increased Efficiency. Productivity. Protection.

The iConn service provides compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their system, essential for accurate production planning and to protect their investment.

iConn Smart Compressor Service 4.0

iConn monitoring supplies compressed air users with comprehensive machine data in real time, which is required for precise production planning and to protect their investment.

  • Technicians alert you to alarms and possible issues before you know there is an issue
  • Stay in touch with your compressed air. Anytime. Anywhere.

Why wouldn’t you want to connect ?

tick iconOptimised Servicing
  • Never miss a service
  • The right information at the right time 
tick iconPro-active rather than re-active service
  • Early warning system
  • On-time service plans
  • Improved planning of maintenance work
tick iconOptimised Efficiency
  • Prompt maintenance to increase efficiency in the compressed air supply
  • Optimisation of parts exchange and spare parts management
  • Reduction of unnecessary field servicing
  • Less unplanned downtime
tick iconTailored service depending on requirements
  • Peace of mind or added value efficiency – your choice

Be like Gary - be Smart!

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Put your trust in iConn – Your Benefits

Put your trust in iConn - your benefits schematic

iConn is leading the way in pro-active, realtime monitoring – for total peace of mind!

tick iconMonitoring without additional investment cost
  • The operating hours are monitored
  • Any fault warning gets immediately pushed by email and is saved including last 30 mins of data
  • iConn is universal
  • Any brand connected for FREE
tick iconiConn HD Subscription-based charge
  • Upgrading to iConn HD provides additional features, including predictive maintenance planning with an “Early Alert System” for machine faults
  • Live minute by minute monitoring of all data points
  • Predictive analytics – historical analysis is possible
tick iconiConn Energy & iConn Flow
  • Two Additional options can be added to iConn HD – “Flow” & “Energy”
  • HD Flow uses sensors for measurement of certain operating parameters such as the temperature, pressure and volume flow 
  • HD Energy provides information on energy consumption
  • Measure amps, volts, power factor plus temperature and pressure
iConn allows you to stay in touch with your compressed air – anytime, anywhere – for increased efficiency, productivity and protection.

iConn – Connecting With the Future – video presentation