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The Robox Screw Low Pressure Compressor

Low pressure up to 2,500 mbar(g)

With flexible configurations and enhanced technical features, the Robox Screw low pressure screw compressor unit is the perfect solution for a broad range of environmental and industrial applications.

The Robox Screw is efficient thanks to its unique RSW patented rotors. These reduce the number of revolutions and enhance the capacity to pressure ratio.

It delivers maximum flexibility by operating at optimum efficiency, and low noise emissions. This is achieved as a result of high-efficiency internal compression, silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure.

The Robox Screw is easy to install and easy to maintain thanks to its simple and robust construction

Low life cycle costs

The cost of a screw compressor initially consists of purchasing the equipment and installing it. After that, energy, and maintenance costs round the cost of ownership. Equipment and installation are a one-time expense, while energy and maintenance are continuous costs associated with ownership.

The Robox Screw ensures a high level of efficiency (> 75%) because of a wide low pressure rotation speed range, which reduces energy consumption. In addition, its robust construction and use of minimum parts contributes to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.

Robox Screw Screw Compressor Unit2

Quiet operation

The optimum efficiency of internal compression, guaranteed by the innovative Robuschi rotor profile, means less noise during the compression phase. The low rotor rotation speed (max 6,000 rpm) and the absence of a step-up gear, guarantee low noise levels from the blower. The Robox is also enhanced with special silencers and a noise-reducing enclosure (also available without sound hood – WL version). These features also allow for easy installation in a variety of applications.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

The innovative and unique profile of Robuschi's rotors optimises the ratio between capacity (volume) and pressure. This increases the efficiency of the ROBOX screw unit.
Its characteristics ensure high efficiency (>75%) in a wide range of blower rotations (from 100% to 25%) in any working condition. The high efficiency of the ROBOX SCREW plus its reduced maintenance costs guarantee a quick return on the initial investment. In most cases, 2 years on average depending on the application and the operating conditions.

Tailor made

The design of the ROBOX screw can be customized to meet your needs and match your application’s requirements.

Easy installation and maintenance

As it can be transported with a forklift and/or pallet truck, the Robox Screw low pressure screw compressor offers easy installation. The electrical system connection is also simple, using the rear auxiliaries’ cabinet for configuration with the controller. Maintenance costs are reduced as every component of the Robox Screw has a simple and robust construction to guarantee a long working life.


This low pressure screw compressor is equipped with a reactive/adsorptive silencer on the suction side to drastically reduce every residual pulsation that spreads through the system pipe. It is also equipped with a reactive silencer on the discharge side of the compressor in accordance with the Directive 97/23/CE (PED) for effective noise reduction.

Low Pressure Screw Compressor Unit3
Low Pressure Screw Compressor Unit Lubrication System

Lubrication system

The Robox Screw is equipped with a forced lubrication system. For low energy consumption, the oil pump is integrated directly in the compressor to eliminate the need for another electric circuit. The optimized oil lubrication system allows the Robox Screw to function at a low oil temperature to ensure long bearing lifespan.

Noise enclosure

The Robox Screw’s noise enclosure is designed with optimised air passages and a capacity for sound pressure reduction.

Thanks to ample air circulation inside the enclosure, the operating temperature remains cool. This provides greater efficiency with normal operation. Moreover, an electric motor driven cooling fan is located close to the airend and discharge silencer. These are the warmest areas of the enclosure. The powder coated enclosure ensures a long lasting protection against corrosion, chemicals, and environment.


Oil-free Screw Compressor - RSW

The patented RSW is an oil-free screw compressor (range up to 2,500 mbar(g)) and screw blower (range up to 1,000mbar(g)).

The profile of the airend guarantees maximum capacity at minimum energy consumption. In addition, the surface treatment of the rotors makes the RSW low pressure screw blower resistant to oxidation. This means performance levels are consistently maintained.

RSW Screw Compressor


The rotors are designed with wide diameter shafts to reduce the deformation caused by internal and external loads. This ensures the blower can work efficiently in even the harshest conditions. The bearings have an increased lifespan thanks to their reduced number of revolutions. The seals for the gas conveyed and lubricating oil are also wear-free.

Low noise

The excellent compression efficiency, guaranteed by the innovative Robuschi rotor profile, means less noise during the compression phase. Together with low rotor rotation speed (max. 6,000 rpm) and the absence of a step-up gear, the Robox Screw’s sound emissions are kept to a minimum.


The RSW low pressure screw compressor features a traditional belt drive instead of a gear overdrive. It uses a simplified lubrication system for applications with reduced thermal speed..
Class 0 certification, according to ISO 8573-1

Robuschi Class 0

The Robox Screw low pressure screw compressor unit is available in a new plug & play version which is simple and reliable. It includes the following features:

Screw Compressor Plug & play
  • Premium frequency converter for maximum performance and reliability
  • Electrical cabinet with IP54 protection degree and a forced cooling system
  • Modular installation close to Robox unit or in another location via wired connection
  • Programmed control panel for process optimization and regulation
  • Industry 4.0 solution with data transmission through the most popular communication protocols
  • (Modbus, Profibus-Profinet, Canopen)
  • Preset frequency converter on delivery for peace of mind
  • Additional system for continuous monitoring of main parameters (optional)
  • Quick start guide included
  • EMC certification

Leading-edge Robox Connect Controller

The new touch screen controller, Robox Connect, is very user friendly with an intuitive menu. It provides you with a real-time view of the blower unit’s operation, and allows you to continuously monitor the device. This ensures you spot problems and malfunctions before they happen thereby protecting your investment.

Robox Connect manages a variety of operating functions available from a built-in screen, as well as remotely. You can monitor and configure each measured parameter and alarm from any display using a remote connection via Ethernet.

Controller Robox Connect

Controller Functions

  • Multiple language configuration
  • 44 analog and digital inputs / outputs
  • Sequencing mode (multi-blower control)
  • Interval maintenance with a dedicated P&I chart
  • Parameter data transmission via Ethernet
  • Parameter trends
  • Alarms detections
  • Data logger for service troubleshooting
  • Suitable for any kind of starter device

Controlled Parameters

  • Control of the starter unit
  • Inlet and outlet pressure and temperature
  • Oil pressure (forced lubrication)
  • Oil temperature
  • Air end speed


 Industry 4.0 Solution

Robox Connect is compatible with iConn, the Industry 4.0 solution. iConn is the new and smart and proactive real-time monitoring service that delivers in depth and real-time data. This is essential for the optimised and efficient operation of the device. iConn provides remote availability via the Internet, which saves you time by eliminating the need to be onsite for diagnostic activities.

iConn allows you to perform online tasks, such as supervision, optimising maintenance and parts management, and paves the way for the development of predictive models.

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