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 TEWATT Mobile Diesel  Compressors

1200CFM/35BAR Tier 4 Final High Pressure Mobile Screw Air Compressor

TEWATT Tier 4 Final 35bar High Pressure Portable Air Compressor
1. TEWATT USA Technology screw airend
2. Fuel Efficient original Sweden imported SCANIA engine
3. Silent cooling box design
4. V8 engine cylinders, easy to maintenance
5. 1200L large fuel tank capacity, can meet eet the continuous operation of the equipment for 10-12 hours
6. 110% Leak-proof chassis
7. Stepless speed adjustment

1150CFM/25BAR Tier 4 Final Industrial High Pressure Portable Air Compressor

TEWATT 1150CFM/25BAR Mobile diesel air compressors are equipped with high efficiency TEWATT two stage air-end, powered by CUMMINS heavy duty industrial engine, low fuel consumption with global warranty. Tewatt mobile diesel air compressors suitable for water well drilling, geothermal drilling,oil & gas exploration, mining & DTH drilling etc.

750CFM/21BAR Tier 4 Final Volvo Diesel Engine Driven Movable Air Compressor

Tewatt Screw Air-end Super rotor, low speed and efficient specific power. (5 years/10000 hours warranty) VOLVO Engine, large power surplus, more stable. EU stage V emission standard, Global Warranty Service. Tewatt Intelligent Controller. Safe and Reliable Air Filter & Intake System.