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Turbo Blowers for Wastewater Treatment

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At Robuschi, we have been providing products and services for the low pressure compressed air market for decades. We have supplied generations of customers worldwide with our innovative blower solutions.

Our latest innovation comes in the form of a blower boosted by turbo technology. Now, you have access to a full spectrum of low pressure technologies, including lobe, screw and now turbo blowers.

The Robuschi Robox Turbo is a dynamic machine equipped with a centrifugal high speed turbo blower. This represents an important change for wastewater treatment plants that are determined to advance their technologies through innovative blower designs.

Energy Efficiency is Key in Wastewater Treatment Industry

The role of aeration blowers in wastewater treatment facilities is fundamental. In a typical wastewater treatment plant, the process of air production represents over half of the total energy used. This accounts for up to 75% of the total life-cycle cost of a blower. The remaining costs come from capital investment, maintenance activities and spare parts.
Introducing the efficiency of turbo blowers can improve efficiency and tackle energy concerns in wastewater treatment plant, and at the same time decreasing their environmental and financial impacts (total cost of ownership).
When choosing the right technology to help you save costs and reduce your environmental impact, trust Robuschi’s experts to offer you the best solution.


Choose the Robox Turbo Blower for Wastewater Treatment

The Robox Turbo blower offers several advantages to reduce the total cost of ownership in wastewater treatment plant applications by providing:

• High nominal blower efficiency to maximize energy savings up to 40%.
• A wide turndown to properly match the air demand of the process. This is supported by the combination of centrifugal technology and positive displacement compression offered by rotary lobe and screw blowers. Both technologies are a part of the Robuschi product portfolio.
• A very compact footprint so the size of your compressor room can be minimized.
• The simplicity and reliability of air foil bearings that eliminate the need for oil lubrication. This increases the safety of the operation and guarantees contaminant free air quality.
• A plug & play inverter incorporated in the package. This leads to ease of installation – especially cost effective during commissioning phases.
• The high speed permanent magnet motor directly coupled to the impeller needs no transmission. This decreases maintenance costs (no gearbox and belts) and potential downtime. 
• Low vibrations and noise levels due to dynamic compression and direct coupling. 

The Robox Turbo Blower Unit     

                                                                                                             Turbo blower

Robox Turbo blower unit up to 1,000 mbar(g) and 26,500 m³/h. 

Energy consumption has been a priority for a long time, but now more than ever, our customers are looking for on-going reductions in energy costs.
In wastewater treatment plants for example, energy can account for as much as 75% of the overall operation costs of the facility. Aeration systems are the largest energy user (more than 60% of the total electricity cost). State-of-the art aeration equipment can make the difference, not only to reduce your carbon footprint, but substantially lower lifecycle costs.
Introducing the Robox Turbo range of blowers that can ease energy savings concerns for customers who are conscious of their environmental and financial impacts (total cost of ownership).
Our Robox Turbo range of blowers offer a unique design using long lasting air foil bearings. This allows for a best in class footprint, low noise, plug & play compatibility, low cost and easy maintenance throughout the range.
When choosing the right technology to help you save energy and reduce your environmental impact, trust our Robuschi Experts to offer you the best solution.

High Efficiency for Low Lifecycle Cost
A superior design of the Robox Turbo ensures energy savings and low lifecycle costs. Furthermore, the high-speed motor can assure high efficiency over the entire operating range.

Compact Design for Easy Installation
The compact design of the Robox Turbo helps to reduce costs and minimize installation space.

Low Noise
Limited noise emission is assured by the concept design. In addition, the silencers guarantee quiet running to meet the most stringent noise regulations common in today’s work sites.

Oil Free For Any Application Requirement
The Robox Turbo is completely oil-free to meet the most rigorous of environmental standards and reduce contamination.

Plug & Play: Ready to be Installed
Thanks to its electrically powered cabinet and an integrated variable frequency drive, the Robox Turbo is easy to install. All it needs is a connection to the pipework and electric power; making it virtually “plug & play”!

Robox Turbo blower

Easy and Cost Effective Maintenance
The Robox Turbo is designed for easy access to internal components; all you have to do is open its front door. Its maintenance costs stay low thanks to the small number of moving components and their simple and robust construction.

The Robox Turbo is manufactured with high quality components and carefully tested to offer steadfast and continuous operation for whatever application process you throw at it.

Robox Turbo airend


Extensive Range of Options
The Robox Turbo can be configured with a wide range of options and accessories to meet the customer’s exacting requirements. For instance, several types of silencers are available as well as a special noise enclosure for outdoor installation. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the many options we offer.

Wide Turndown
The Robox Turbo is able to meet a large range of demand for compressed air without wasting energy. Thanks to its integrated variable frequency drive (VFD), it manages to maintain the highest efficiency and flexibility

Innovative Controller
Turbo blower inverter


The Robox Turbo is equipped with an advanced control system that is very user friendly by way of an intuitive menu. It also offers the ability to monitor the Robox Turbo continuously to ensure reliable operation and proactive protection.
The controller manages a variety of operating modes and allows for a remote connection to verify measured parameters and respond to possible alarms.


Robuschi robox turbo airmap

The Robox Turbo range is able to reach up to 1,000 mbar(g) with a maximum flow of 26,500 m³/h.

Our Engineers are at your disposal to size the Robox Turbo to best fit your plant. They will provide all the technical information and support as well.

Innovative Design for High Efficiency
Turbo Blower technology relies on centrifugal compression which generates pressure by transforming kinetic energy (speed) into static energy (pressure). This compression is generated within the blower’s air end. To control every running and safety parameter of the unit, a PLC-based controller ensures safe and sound operation. Additional core components are also present to guarantee a complete piece of mind for the product as well as its operators.

High Speed Motor and Drive for Maximum Efficiency
A key aspect of turbo technology is the need for a high rotational speed required to reach the operating pressure level. The rotational speed is generated by a high speed motor, coupled with a high frequency drive, both controlled by a PLC-based unit controller. The rotational speed together with additional parameter adjustments is ensured by the machine without the need of user intervention.
The Robox Turbo is equipped with a variety of high speed motors providing the highest efficiency and reliability depending on the blower size:
• ARIM Aluminum Rotor Induction Motor (10 Hp and 75 Hp)
• CRIM Copper Rotor Induction Motor (from 20 Hp to 50 Hp)
• PMSM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (from 100 Hp to 700 Hp)


Robox Turbo airend
Robox Turbo airfoil bearings

Air Foil Bearing

The Robox Turbo relies on an air foil bearing design that delivers:
• Simplicity
• Reliability
• Ease of Operation and Maintenance
• Low Total Cost Ownership
The air bearing operating principle comprises various technologies applied in a simple way.
Levitation is generated by the hydrodynamic pressure present between the rotating part (shaft) and its fixed components when the machine is running. This principle allows an almost friction-free operation, with a very high efficiency output.